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Aeronautics, Astronomy, Space science related packages1

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  • 🏚️ means the package may not support current versions of Julia.
  • 🏗️ means the package may be a WIP.


WIP or may not work


  • Astro.jl :: Jan Meeus astronomical formulas and some time/date code in Julia.
  • Astrodynamics.jl :: An astrodynamics library in Julia.
  • AstroImages.jl :: Plots.jl and Images.jl integration of Astronomical Images for Julia.
  • AstroLib.jl :: Bundle of small astronomical and astrophysical routines, based on IDL Astronomy User’s Library (AstroLib).
  • Cosmology.jl :: Cosmology library for Julia.
  • DustExtinction.jl :: Models for the interstellar extinction due to dust.
  • ERFA.jl :: Julia wrapper for liberfa.
  • FITSIO.jl :: Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) support for Julia.
  • JPLEphemeris.jl :: The JPL Development Ephemerides are the results of simulations of the Solar System used for spacecraft navigation and astronomical purposes.
  • Reproject.jl :: Reproject Astronomical Images from one world coordinate to another.
  • SatelliteToolbox.jl :: A toolbox for satellite analysis written in julia language.
  • SkyCoords.jl :: Astronomical coordinate systems in Julia.
  • WCS.jl :: Astronomical World Coordinate System library for Julia.
WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ AperturePhotometry.jl :: Astronomical photometry library for Julia.
  • 🏚️ CasaCore.jl :: A Julia wrapper of CasaCore. (No Project.toml)
  • 🏚️ Celeste.jl :: Scalable inference for a generative model of astronomical images. (No Project.toml)
  • 🏚️ Interplanetary.jl :: Functions for low-fidelity interplanetary navigation and guidance simulations. (No Project.toml)
  • 🏚️ Jadex.jl :: Julia port of RADEX.
  • 🏚️ SDSS.jl :: Collection of code snippets for querying and reading Sloan Digital Sky Survey data.
  • 🏚️ SGP4.jl :: Julia wrapper for the SGP4 satellite propagation model. (No Project.toml)
  • 🏚️ WCSLIB.jl :: wcslib wrapper for Julia.


WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ ioa-julia-tutorials :: An introductory Julia tutorial for the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge


  • Airship.jl :: Julia code for performing temperature, pressure and volume and buoyancy calculations.
  • SPICE.jl :: a Julia wrapper for the SPICE toolkit which is provided by NASA’s Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF). It provides functionality to read SPICE data files and compute derived observation geometry such as altitude, latitude/longitude and lighting angles.

  1. Julia.jl is under COPYRIGHT © 2012-Now SVAKSHA, dual-licensed for the data (ODbL-v1.0+) and the software (AGPLv3+), respectively. ↩︎