🔖 Hardward and Robotics in Julia

Other hardware-related software libraries1

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  • 🏚️ means the package may not support current versions of Julia.
  • 🏗️ means the package may be a WIP.


  • Instruments.jl :: A package for controlling laboratory instruments through Julia over TCPIP/GPIB/USB/Serial, wrapped around the NI-VISA library (which needs to be separately installed) similar to PyVISA and has some starts towards making it easier to write custom instrument drivers.
  • NIDAQ.jl :: This package provides an interface to NIDAQmx - National Instruments' driver for their data acquisition boards.
WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ Alazar.jl :: AlazarTech API wrapper for Julia.
  • 🏚️ DIDebug.jl :: Debug the destination index in an x86 computer architecture using the standardized DWARF-ELF debugging data format.
  • 🏚️ FTD2XX.jl :: Wrapper for FTDI FTD2XX library.
  • 🏚️ MichrochipRTDM.jl :: A bunch of functions usefull for working with MicrochipTM’s RTDM interface.
  • 🏚️ RdRand.jl :: Generate random numbers using Intel’s RDRAND instruction.
  • 🏚️ Vectorize.jl :: Cross-platform vectorization of Julia code using Accelerate, VML, Yeppp! and LLVM.
  • 🏚️ VISA.jl :: VISA wrapper for Julia.
  • 🏚️ ZenFab.jl :: Software for using digital manufacturing devices.

Computer-assisted design / manufacture (CAD/CAM)

  • Devices.jl :: For simplified generation of device CAD files for superconducting device design.
  • LTspice.jl :: It provides a julia interface to LTspice.
  • 🏚️ Gcode.jl :: A wrapper for writing Gcode from Julia easily.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

  • JuliaBerry.jl :: An omnibus package with a high level API for controlling peripherals on the Raspberry Pi computer.
  • PiGPIO.jl :: Manage external hardware using GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi.
WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ Arduino.jl :: Basic Arduino interface for Julia.
  • 🏚️ TinyG.jl :: This package provides support for CNC controllers running the TinyG firmware, principally developed by Synthetos.


WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ FPTControl.jl :: Fixed Point Transformation Based Control.
  • 🏚️ Robotics.jl :: Toolbox for (serial manipulator) robotics, focusing robot dynamics.


WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ Taste.jl :: A simple package for computerized human-computer olfaction and gustation interactivity that supports integrated Instant Olfaction Technology Screens.

  1. Julia.jl is under COPYRIGHT © 2012-Now SVAKSHA, dual-licensed for the data (ODbL-v1.0+) and the software (AGPLv3+), respectively. ↩︎