🔖 Earth science in Julia

Climate modeling, ecology, cartography, GIS, Meteorology, etc 1

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  • 🏚️ means the package may not support current versions of Julia.
  • 🏗️ means the package may be a WIP.




  • ClimateTools.jl :: This package is a collection of commonly-used tools in Climate Science.
  • Mimi.jl :: Integrated Assessment Modeling Framework for climate change.



  • Diversity.jl :: Diversity analysis package for Julia, with submodules containing standard ecological and other diversity measures.
  • EcologicalNetwork.jl :: Measure various aspects of the structure of ecological networks in Julia.
  • FishABM.jl :: An agent based life cycle model for managed fisheries.
  • GBIF.jl :: Functions and types to access GBIF data from Julia.
  • SpatialEcology.jl :: Julia framework for spatial ecology - data types and utilities.

Agronom and Forest Modelling

📖 Agronomy and 📖 Forest Modelling

  • LAIscript :: scripts to automatically run LAI calculations with ODBC link to custom database.
  • LeafAreaIndex.jl :: Package to calculate Leaf Area Index from Hemisperical Images.

Aquatic Ecology

  • 🏚️ Iceberg.jl :: Ice-seawater interface calculations using level set methods.
  • TEOS.jl(404) :: Julia wrapper for TEOS-10 Gibbs Seawater Oceanographic Toolbox.



  • Proj4.jl :: Julia wrapper for PROJ.4 cartographic projections library.
  • 🏚️ PyProj.jl :: A Julia wrapper of PyProj, that performs cartographic transformations and geodetic computations.

Geographic information system (GIS)


  • ArchGDAL.jl :: A high level API for GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library.
  • GDAL.jl :: Thin Julia wrapper for GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library.
  • Geodesy.jl :: Work with points defined in various coordinate systems.
  • GeographicLibPy.jl :: Thin wrapper of geographiclib Python package.
  • GeoInterface.jl :: A Julia Protocol for Geospatial Data.
  • GeoIP.jl :: is a Julia package that can estimate the geographic location of IP addresses.
  • GeoJSON.jl :: Utilities for working with GeoJSON data in Julia.
  • GeoStats.jl :: An extensible framework for high-performance geostatistics in Julia.
  • GMT.jl ::Julia wrapper for the Generic Mapping Tools GMT.
  • OpenStreetMap.jl :: The Julia OpenStreetMap package provides basic functionality for parsing, viewing, and working with OpenStreetMap map data.
  • OpenStreetMapPlotter.jl :: Plotting focused library for OpenStreetMap data.
  • OpenStreetMapX.jl :: OpenStreetMap support for Julia 1.0.
  • Turf.jl :: A geospatial engine encoding the collections of simple geographical features using the JS lib Turfjs in the GeoJSON format.
WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ DtPlot.jl
  • 🏚️ EarthSphere.jl :: A library for measuring approximate distance and location given latitudes and longitudes.
  • 🏚️ FlowNetworks.jl :: Types and function to represent hydrological flow networks.
  • 🏚️ GIS.jl :: A package for the visualization and manipulation of geographic data.
  • 🏚️ hillerislambers :: Julia implementation of the HilleRisLambers et al. 2001 model of arid vegetation dynamics.
  • 🏚️ Jultran.jl :: Julia interface for the HITRAN database of spectral lines, based on Ray Pierrehumbert’s PyTran.
  • 🏚️ OpenStreetMap.jl :: Julia OpenStreetMap Package
  • 🏚️ OpenStreetMapParser.jl :: This package provides basic functionality for parsing OpenStreetMap data in Julia.
  • 🏚️ Tyndall.jl :: Radiative transfer in Julia.
  • 🏚️ Watershed.jl :: Julia version of watershed.


WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ NMEA.jl :: Julia package for parsing GPS NMEA messages.


📖 Meteorology

WIP or may not work
  • 🏚️ CAIRS.jl :: Continous Assimilation of Integrating Rain Sensors.
  • 🏚️ Met_Plots_Models.jl :: A simple wrapper of matlibplot for a meteorologist.
  • 🏚️ TTCal.jl :: A bandpass calibration routine developed for the OVRO LWA.

  1. Julia.jl is under COPYRIGHT © 2012-Now SVAKSHA, dual-licensed for the data (ODbL-v1.0+) and the software (AGPLv3+), respectively. ↩︎