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Browser bookmarks in Markdown.

Misc free tools

Software Development



Als see awesome Python.

Online tools

  • Google Colab, an online jupyter notebook platform for machine learning.
  • NextJournal, an online jupyter notebook-like platform for reproducible research.
  • GitHub code space: Online VS Code-like development platform.
  • Binder: Turn a Git repo into a collection of interactive notebooks.

Package managers

  • Anaconda Python a full set of scientific Python packages with the conda package manager.
  • Miniconda for minimal installation with the conda package manager.
  • pipenv, the official dependency management tool for Python packages.
  • Poetry, Python packaging and dependency management.

General Tutorials

Visualization Tutorials

Scietific Python Tutorials

Data Processing and Machine learning

Gradient boosters

Wikipedia | Gradient boosting

Hyperparameter optimization

Wikipedia | Hyperparameter optimization

Web development

CSS generators

Generate CSS styles for your websites. From hashnode.




HTML Publications

Generate PDF documents from XML/HTML using the “CSS Paged Media”

Static site generators

Turn markdown files to websites. Also see awesome static site generators list.

  • Bookdown :: Write HTML, PDF, ePub, and Kindle books with R Markdown.
  • Docsify :: Rendering Markdown files on-the-fly. Awesome docsify.
  • Franklin.jl :: Static site generation with live Julia code evaulation. Examples.
  • Gatsby.js :: A blazing fast React-based SSG. Some javascript knowledge is required.
  • Hexo :: A fast, simple & powerful blog framework written in NodeJS. Themes and plugins.
  • Hugo :: The fastest framework for building websites, written in Go. Themes.
  • Jekyll :: The default SSG for GitHub pages.
  • Jupyterbook :: Building beautiful, publication-quality books and documents from jupytr notebooks.
  • Nikola :: Static Site Generator written in Python.
  • PkgPage.jl :: Creating (package) front-pages, powered by Franklin.jl.
  • StaticWebPages.jl :: Create academics and personal CV web-pages.

Research tools

My school

National Taiwan University (NTU)

Online math tools

Reference managers

  • SciWheel, docs, browser extension with Google Doc and MS Word plugin
  • Zotero, an open-source reference manager.

Find Publications

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Documents, slides, and diagrams


Also see ๐Ÿ˜Ž awesome Markdown.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax, with a variety of extensions.

But there are many flavors of Markdown. One may not fully compatible to one another.

Markdown Editors and formatters


LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system for technical and scientific documentation.1

LaTeX Distributions

  • TexLive :: de-facto standard TeX distribution.
  • MiKTeX :: A just enough TeX distribution.
  • TinyTeX :: for R markdown publication.
  • Tectonic :: A modernized, complete, self-contained TeX/LaTeX engine.

LaTeX Editors

Online Tools for LaTeX

CI/CD for LaTeX documents


See also Awesome fonts.

Compatible fonts for MS ones:

  • Arial (Sans): Arimo2 and Liberation Sans3
  • Times New Roman (Sans Serif): Tinos and Liberation Serif3
  • Courier New (Monospace): Cousine4 and Liberation Mono3
  • Calibri: Carlito5
  • Cambria: Caladea6


See also

Installation media

Linux Wikis and forums

Shell scripting

Also see Awesome shell



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